Product approval & certification

BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It's the vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to a plethora of stakeholders in the construction industry.

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values

Integral in all that we do are our mission, vision and values, and as an organisation we hold true to these.



 Our Vision

To become an Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification (ATIC) organisation. A company that provides independent inspection, verification, testing and certification services and related support functions such as auditing, consulting and training.  The purpose of these services is to increase productivity, meet global standards, manage risk, promote and improve the quality, safety, integrity and compliance of a client’s products and services. 

Our Mission 

To encourage the safe development and adoption of innovative solutions in the built environment, by providing reassurance to manufacturers, retailers, users, specifiers, insurers, installers and regulators of products and systems.

Our Values

  • Courage - to challenge and change
  • Integrity - to act without fear or favour, to be fair and true
  • Quality - what we do, we do well
  • Loyalty - to our values
  • Collaboration - to realise potential
  • Passion - about doing well by our clients
  • Accountability - each of us responsible for making the difference that matters

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