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BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It's the vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to a plethora of stakeholders in the construction industry.

David Durrant – Senior Test Technician

David Durrant, Senior Test Technician, is quite the adventurer and a keen sportsman to boot. He joined the BBA in spring 2013 following a gap year travelling the world.

David graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BSc in Sports Science and worked as an electrical apprentice prior to taking time out to travel.  He started his training with the BBA testing cavity wall insulation products and since then has expanded his areas of expertise to cover thermal conductivity testing on a range of construction products.

Owing to a recent increase in demand, David has started training to test external wall insulation systems, which includes the design, planning and commissioning of a brand-new hygrothermal rig to double the BBA’s testing capacity.

“I enjoy the variety of work available to me. No two days are the same and a great sense of satisfaction is gained from conquering a tricky task or learning something new.

“A large amount of freedom is allowed when planning my workload, and the experienced technicians have a wealth of knowledge and are always willing to lend a hand.”

The BBA’s test section have had a huge influence on David’s work and social life. Outside work he enjoys annual canoeing trips on the river Wye and camping in Wales with his colleagues. David also plays football for a local club, basketball for a social team and cricket for the BBA team. It is a wonder he has any free time, but, he remarks, when he does:

“I love carrying my leave over for a long winter holiday cruising the pistes of France.”


David checks the bond strength of the render on a block wall.

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