Product approval & certification

BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It's the vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to a plethora of stakeholders in the construction industry.

BIM Object Assurance

BIM Object Assurance validates that your BIM object data has the quality required to match the product details as specified on your Agrément Certificate.


The BBA offers a data validation service that provides specifiers and architects in the Building and Construction industry with greater peace of mind when using Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects in their building models. Specifiers, architects and designers are now able to confirm that the product’s specification details included in the object they want to use have been independently validated. This ensures that they match the quality of those on the manufacturer’s BBA Agrément Certificate. bim stamp

The BBA BIM Object Assurance scheme minimises the frustrations experienced by specifiers and modelers who often discover, late into the project, that the product information on their virtual object does not match up with its equivalent in real life.

BIM projects are being used as the key source of information for decision making and bad decisions have cost implications. It makes sense to use BIM objects independently validated by the BBA who can give an unbiased review of the data quality. For manufacturers, it helps demonstrate their engagement by providing quality BIM objects that have undergone a rigorous third-party validation process. 

Product data and its source are validated by the BBA following a stringent data acceptance process before it can be accepted for inclusion in a BBA BIM Object Assurance certificate. The end result is a BBA BIM Object Assurance that will be clearly seen in connection with the BIM object and is easily recognised by specifiers and architects during the BIM model development process.

BIM object development with bimstore

If your product doesn’t have a BIM Object, we can develop one for you. The BBA has partnered with bimstore, the leading UK BIM object and components library, to offer a total BIM modeling solution to manufacturers who are BBA Agrément holders. The BBA and bimstore will work together so that clients who don’t already have a BIM Object can now have one created at their initial stages of BIM adoption, before their product’s specification details are validated for BBA BIM Assurance.

"With the BBA BIM Object Assurance scheme, we expand our strong product certification offer to the early stages of building design and modeling. The combination of our data verification services and BIM Store’s development and hosting capabilities allows us to provide one of the most solid BIM object value propositions on the market."

Claire Curtis-Thomas, BBA Chief Executive.

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